Heagen and the Witch of Crimson Island

Heagen the Half-Orc

Heagen watched from the doorway as the witch meandered through the marketplace. Ordinary people would be surprised by just how much evil mingled with them in their day to day lives. It’s for the best, he thinks to himself as he stands there. The form he was currently using was that of a elderly human beggar. In a city as big as Sothis they were everywhere. And universally ignored by everyone.

Character Portrait: Terun Eastmore

Paladin of Helm

Terun is one of my all time favorite PCs to play. He was a human paladin of Helm, hero of Silverhall, warrior of the Wyrmfang Chronicles, and the endless butt of jokes about one-armed paladins. Terun’s backstory was quite in-depth. It’s been a habit of mine that a number of my PCs have some hook … Read moreCharacter Portrait: Terun Eastmore

Character Portrait: Aeduin

City of Cauldron Map

Shackled City was probably the first time we were planning on taking characters from 1st to 20th level. While we sometimes re-visited characters, none of them had yet to achieve the topmost levels of the game. For my part, I’d played pretty much every core character class in the game except barbarian and bard. For Aeduin, I chose bard. Mostly I made the choice because we already had a couple of tanks in the party and I was fine with either one.

Heagen Gets a Drink

Heagen the Half-Orc

After a few moments, two things dawned on him. First, this wasn’t where he expected to awaken. And second, he knew this place. It wasn’t the first time he’d been here. The buildings around it he didn’t know. They had changed since his last visit. But the tavern he was sitting in front of? That, he knew. And knowing where he was, it became clear what had happened.