Heagen the Half-Orc

Character Portrait: Haegun Witchhunter

My newest character, all of 4 or 5 sessions in now, is a half-orc barbarian named Heagen. I’ve never played a barbarian in the Wyrmfang Chronicles before. The last barbarian I played was way back in college in with 2e AD&D. Damn, I’m old.

Image Credit: barbarian by ali-tunc on DeviantArt

With the death of my cleric Qen in our party’s near TPK, the story-line has shifted several decades into the future. The Cult of the Forgotten Pharaoh, severely weakened by the exploits of the Shining Company, is once again on the rise. Their efforts to resurrect Hakotep and restore him to rule of Osirion are in full motion.

The two survivors of the Shining Company have recruited 4 new heroes to help avert the Cult’s goals. Heagen is one of them. Heagen has history with three of the other newcomers. They meet up from time to time as heroes for hire to do good throughout Osirion, so long as there’s gold involved.

Heagen doesn’t speak much about his past. From the bits and pieces his companions have learned over the years, they know he comes from the northern Golarion somewhere, but little else.

For the remainder of his introduction, I’ll just quote the original email I sent the rest of the group:

It’s well past dinner when the door to the inn opens. In walks a middle aged human merchant. 5’6″ tall, a bit portly, and showing a touch of gray in his receding hairline. He could pass for any random local businessman. You, however, instantly recognize your companion. It’s one of his more common disguises in civilized areas such as this.

It’s a bit of a shame that it’s necessary, but your companion has long since accepted the need to not draw unnecessary attention to himself in towns such as this one. “Better for all,” he often says with a smile, taking it all in stride. His calm, almost serene, personality sits in drastic contrast to the blood rage that fuels his actions in combat. You’ve long since given up trying to figure out the dichotomy.

He sits down at the table with only a nod to you. It’s been months since you last saw him. He’d left with barely any notice, saying only that it was time to collect on an old bounty. You know that from time to time, Heagen (Hay-gun) takes up bounties on witches, wizards and other spellcasters causing problems for locals. It’s why they call him the Witchhunter. But he never goes into detail and you never ask. Everyone’s gotta have a hobby, right?

You’re a little surprised that he’s here. You sent messages to his normal hangouts across Osirion. Usually, when he disappears like this, it’s nearly impossible to find him until he’s ready to be found. You can only guess that, like normal, he has collected on whatever bounty he went out after.

You know he prefers to talk business in his normal form. To that end, you stand and lead him to a back room you’ve reserved. As you shut the door and turn to your companion, you see the nondescript merchant reach up an doff his cap. Instantly, the human merchant is replaced with a hulking half orc. 6’6″ tall and easily 250 pounds of pure muscle, the beast draws his enormous great sword and long bow, leaning them carefully in the corner next to him as he takes a seat.

“Now,” he says with a smile, “What’s this I hear about a job?”

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