D&December 2017


I’m not sure what creature I would call my “favorite”. We’ve encountered all sorts of creatures over our more than 20 year span of just the Wyrmfang Chronicles alone, let alone any other gaming experience. I guess that there are two creatures that stand out a little bit.


These things are vicious, deadly and tough. Many years ago our band of merry adventurers encountered one in some underground ruin somewhere. I forget the details now, but I remember we were afraid to face it. And that’s the proper attitude to take whenever you encounter a roper. With their incredible reach, multiple attacks and grapple/restrain abilities, they’re difficult to beat.

When we encountered the thing, I remember one of our band, I believe the paladin, went in and distracted the thing while the rest of us snuck around to where we needed to be to get out of there. We all survived, but it was not without great pain.


  • Boxey the mimic
    In Memoriam – Boxey! – Mimic image created by Ben Wootten, property of Paizo Publishing

The other creature that stands out a bit is the mimic. We’ve encountered a couple of those over the years in the Wyrmfang Chronicles. But our favorite is the mimic we adopted during the Shackled City path. We named him Boxey. We kept him in the basement of the house we were occupying in Cauldron to protect our things while we were out adventuring.

Mimics are fun creatures. I love how they disguise themselves as something else and then attack when you aren’t expecting it. Sadly, during one adventuring outing we were gone too long and Boxey escaped from the house looking for food. He was put down by the city guard after a bit of rampaging and destruction. It was a sad day for us.

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