D&December 2017

D&December2017 – W1D1 – Favorite Race

Last time the focus was on PC races, and I mentioned that I was torn between human and dwarf. This time I’m going to talk about the race I most want to play that I haven’t so far, the <a href="”>Kenku. The Kenku are a 5e race that are basically birdmen that have lost their wings. They are a fallen race that once served some great power who is long gone.

  • Kenku druid
    Kenku Druid – by Halcyon450 src: DeviantArt

The Kenku are master thieves and are driven by greed. Forgery is second nature to them and they can mimic any sound they’ve ever heard perfectly. They even use those mimic’d sounds as their names and speech. Something about role playing that in a game setting seems fascinating to me.

Since I don’t currently play in a 5e group, only Pathfinder, I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance to try that. Some day I want to, though. It’ll be fun.

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