D&December 2017 – W3D6 – Sigil/Planar – The Slaadi

Got a bit behind with the Holiday weekend.  One thing the Dungeons & Dragons does not lack is things planar. There are hundreds of planes in the D&D cosmos and planes within these planes and monsters upon monsters that call each of these planes home. Some of these monsters are ridiculous, but some of them are not. One of my all time favorites among the planar creatures are the Slaadi.

The Slaadi

The Slaadi are creatures of total, unrefined chaos. They are the epitome of creatures that do whatever the hell they feel like. Natives of the plane of Limbo, they resemble humanoid demon frogs in appearance. That appearance has sometimes made them the butt of jokes, but I never thought so.

Part of the fun of the Slaadi are their chaotic nature. And because in most editions and variants, they are chaotic neutral, that means that their behavior can be whatever the DM wants it to be from one minute to the next.

That random chaos can make encounters a lot of fun as well. I always pictured coming across a group of Slaadi having a barbecue. Half would invite you to join them, the other half would invite you to be part of the menu.

My history with the Slaadi has been few and far between. They seem to rarely get included in campaigns and only a few of the video games have featured them. It’s too bad really. I really kind of like them. Rrrriibbit!!!!

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