D&December 2017

D&December 2017 – W3D3 – Forests & Wilds

Whether it’s elven homelands, mystical forests of dreams, wild tracts or cursed domains of evil, forests play a big part of fantasy worlds. Most fantasy worlds are reminiscent of magical midevil Europe in the nature and flow. There are great cities and small towns, each surrounded by some area of farmlands. But all the areas in between are typically forests and wilds.

For adventurers, there is only so much that can be accomplished in a city. Sure, there may be sewers full of monsters, corrupt governments, evil guilds of assassins or the occasional aberration like Undermountain beneath Waterdeep or the Necropolis in Wati. But for the most part what they have to offer is fairly limited in nature.

Forests and other wild areas, on the contrary, offer an unlimited venue of opportunity for adventurers. Abandoned ruins, wizard’s towers, dinosaurs, dungeons, caves, tombs, creatures great and small are all there for the adventurer brave enough to venture forth.

Magic forest
Magic forest
The Typical Exchange

Adventurer: So, what monsters creep from this forest and terrorize your village?
Farmer 1: Uh, no monsters, sir. Just some birds and rabbits eating our crops is all.
Adventurer: Vicious, man eating rabbits?
Farmer 1: Um… no.
Farmer 2: Well, there was that deer last month. Nearly impaled old man Telven with its antlers.
Adventurer: AH, HA! I shall slay the foul beast! (runs off into the forest)
Farmer 1: Wait…. oh… well…

So don’t sit around on your rears, waiting for adventure to come to you. You’ve got to go out and grasp it by the throat. Show it who’s boss! Go forth and kill that vicious deer!

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