D&December 2017

D&December 2017 – W2D2 – Too Many Dragons

I discussed previously my favorite draconic creatures so I won’t repeat that information here. Instead, I’ll take this time to discuss something I don’t like about dragons. There are just way too many types of dragons.

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In the beginning… the “dragons” part of dungeons and dragons referred to two basic types. There were the chromatic dragons (bad guys) and the metallic dragons (good guys). That was it. And even the metallic dragons didn’t come along until the Greyhawk set a little later that year. Sure, there were a couple of near dragons like the pseudo and the dragonne, but those didn’t really count as dragons.

Nowadays, between 5e and Pathfinder, you have so many types of dragons you can’t keep them all straight. In addition to the chromatics and metallics, now we have the planars, the deeps, the gems, the mists, the skeletals, the songs, the esoterics, the imperials, the outers, the primals, the minerals, the humours, the sins and virtues, the abominations, the thaumaturgics, the fangs, the vishaps, the various drakes and wyrms, and on and on and on. And that doesn’t even include all the “related” creatures.

Enough, already. Just stop. Let the dragons be. Stop trying to enhance the “Dragons” part of “Dungeons & Dragons”. There is enough.

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