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D&December 2017 – W1D3 – Favorite NPC

In my previous “Favorite NPC”, I talked a bit about Keraptis, Lord Soth and Garaleth Axom. This time I’ll talk about another of my favorite NPCs. Klarkosh, of the Emerald Spire.

In the Wyrmfang Chronicles, Chris is our main DM. It’s his campaign overall and he has final say in everything. However, we do have a couple of us who also take turns at the DM seat, myself included. The last time I was running as DM, I was running the Pathfinder module The Emerald Spire. While we had transitioned to the Pathfinder rules instead of 4E with that came out, we had remained in the world of Faerun where our campaign was based.

After running the City of the Spider Queen campaign, Chris was ready for a break. So I took over and we decided to run our first module in the world of Golarion. I chose the Emerald Spire. The main foe of the upper levels of the Emerald Spire is Klarkosh the Clockwork Mage. He is an evil wizard who specializes in magical constructs. It was fun to play him for the party. He had a special kind of madness about him.

It was a hard fought battle, but the PCs prevailed. I left the DM chair shortly after their victory. My father passed a few weeks after this and I no longer had the drive needed to be a DM. Chris took the seat back over and we have been running the Mummy’s Mask campaign in Osirion since then.

We may one day return to the River Kingdoms and the Emerald Spire. If so, the PCs will find that they have not seen the last of mad Klarkosh’s mechanical creations.

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