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D&December 2017 – W1D2 – Favorite Class

During the last post, I talked about how my favorite class was wizard. Without a doubt that remains true. And my second favorite class was fighters (in which I include rangers and paladins). So rather than rehash a previous post, I will take the same tact as yesterday and talk about the class I want to play the most that I have not ever played. That class is barbarian.

I have played clerics and paladins and rangers and fighters, but I have never played a barbarian. It’s one thing to be able be in melee and fight in close quarters. It’s another to be able to wade knee deep in joyful rage into the midst of the enemy’s ranks and I’ve never been able to do that with no concern for yourself or even your companions. I want to take the opportunity at some point to just be the tank.

As a paladin or cleric or even as a fighter you often are tied to other responsibilities. The cleric has to keep his companions up first, and attack second. The bard has to buff his companions first, and fight second. The ranger often has to fight from a distance with ranged attacks. The paladin has to be concerned with honor, and often leadership. But the barbarian just says time to fight and goes in.

The vast majority of my characters so far have required a lot of thought, preparedness, and planning. Wizards, clerics, bards, paladins, rogues and rangers. Even a monk once. Next round I just want to fight.

Edit: I just remembered a barbarian I played in college for all of 3 months. Such a short term that I will justify all the above by saying it doesn’t count. Crappy DM anyway….

Edit 2 (Nov, 2018): So, my new character is….. A BARBARIAN!  Only 2 sessions in, but he’s done a bit of the “Hulk smash!” already. We’ll see how it goes.

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