30 Day Challenge

The D&D 30 Day Challenge – Day 30 – Best Playing/DMing experience

Hmm, there have been so many that I have a hard time narrowing it down to one. Some of my favorites as a player include:

  • When Aeduin threw himself into a pillar of fire to save someone (thus becoming the Smoke-Eye, changing from bard to Cleric of Occipitus)
  • When Thelisn became a bodak PC and adventured for a time in that form
  • When the Gogun, my dwarven cleric, learned how to cast a fireball spell in White Plume Mountain, pissing off the party wizard. Of course that led to him becoming one of those believing himself to be Keraptis…
  • Playing Raistlin and facing off against Khisanth in Xak Tsaroth
  • When my barbarian, Strom, one shot killed the enemy wizard with a critical hit during their first encounter, completely derailing the DM’s plan for the next 4 sessions.
  • Finally, when Delban used a whisper spell to taunt Lord Soth in Ravenloft in trying to raise him from his stupor long enough to save Sithicus.

As a DM, I’ve had a few, but I’ve covered most of those in earlier posts and I’ve blathered enough across these 30 posts, don’t you think?

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