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Aeleon – Start

I’ve had something brewing in my mind for a couple years now and I’ve decided to go ahead with it. I want to create my own RPG world. And I’m going to document the process on here as I go, sharing my thoughts and the reasons why I made certain decisions. So, here a few of my initial thoughts.

  1. It will be a world of high fantasy and magic. In many ways will follow in the footsteps of many worlds before it: Faerun, Krynn, Greyhawk, Golarion, Ravenloft, and so forth.
  2. It will be generic enough to easily be adapted to any of the common rule-sets, especially d20 based sets.
  3. I want to do something a little different with divine magic. I’ll elaborate a bit more on that as I go, but while the standard 9-square alignment grid will apply, the deities won’t quite follow that exactly.
  4. Races will interact quite a bit differently than the norm. While most settings seem to emphasize racial divisions, in the modern times in this world interaction and even intermarriage will be quite common. While the standard races will exist (human, elf, dwarf, etc), societies will be extremely diverse. Characters (and NPCs) will often have mixed heritage and be able to draw from racial abilities from any of their family tree. I’m not sure how the rules for that will work just yet, but I’ve got a few ideas. There will be one or two exceptions in their society to the mixed heritage which I’ll detail as things go.
  5. The geography of the world will consist of 4 major continents. The setting, at least initially, will focus on the “New World”. It’s a continent that was discovered by explorers from the other three continents thousands of years ago. While the original continents were, and still are, very divided racially, over time the New World has grown into it’s own societies, breaking from the old worlds and intermingling.

Much more to come. We’ll see how it grows.

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