30 Day Challenge

The D&D 30 Day Challenge – Day 10 – Craziest in-game experience

There have been so many, it’s really hard to pick. Here are a few highlights, both as player and as DM:

  • The endless jokes about being a one-armed paladin, including jokes that my mount should be a three-legged horse
  • The time I was DM and a barmaid lured the fighter Jhon Tsaran to the barn for a “roll in the hay”. She was a medusa wearing a hat of disguise and the party had to haul his statue back to the keep. That led to a fun one-off session entitled “Bring me the head of Jhon Tsaran”
  • The time our warrior got on the back of Lord Soth’s nightmare steed and it took to flight to the top of the castle
  • The time Delban got stabbed with a spear and the following exchange took place: Farid: “I pull out the spear…No! Wait! I push it through!” DM: “You push it through?!? It’s an 8 foot long spear! It only went in 4 inches!”
  • The time my thief was killed by a bodak and returned as a bodak player character for a while

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