30 Day Challenge

The D&D 30 Day Challenge – Day 1 – How you got started

I posted these once before, but my site died and a lot of my old posts are gone forever. So I’m going to run this again.

So this D&D 30 day challenge has been floating around for a while and I decided to join in. I’m expanding the definition to include Pathfinder as well as Dungeons and Dragons since that’s the rules system I primarily play in right now.

I was first introduced to D&D in elementary school. From time to time I would sit on the steps with some classmates during recess and we would play through modules, both official and homebrew. My interest waxed and waned over the rest of my elementary, junior and senior high school years. I had no interest in Greyhawk or most of the other campaign worlds, but if a session was going to be run in the Dragonlance world of Krynn, I was there.

I owned the Basic Rules set (1981 edition with the green dragon cover), the Advanced rules, and the Expert rules sets. I still have my Basic Edition pale blue, impossible to read dice set around somewhere, though most of the books and characters are long gone. It wasn’t really until 2nd edition was released, however, that I invested heavily in both time and books. 2nd edition, with it’s endless array of books and modules set in the Forgotten Realms was what drew me to regular gaming. I still had my love for Krynn, but as official TSR support had gone away with Dragonlance going to the SAGA ruleset, my interest in playing it also drifted away.

As I left high school for college and life, my time also drifted to other things and I played less and less. I found a few game sessions around campus at USU, but no groups really interested me longterm and few took it too seriously. I eventually got married, left school and moved back to my home state. As it so happens, about that time a couple of guys that I knew from school had a weekly group called The Wyrmfang Chronicles and were looking to add another player to replace someone who had departed the group. For more than 20 years now we have played nearly every week. Up until a couple of years ago, we adventured in a homebrew rendition of the Forgotten Realms, but are currently exploring a little bit of Pathfinder’s world of Golarion. We have transitioned from AD&D 2nd ed to 3rd, then 3.5. When the edition which will not be spoken of came out, we switched to Pathfinder and left D&D behind. And while 5th ed D&D has a few interesting pieces to it, there’s been no serious discussions about us switching.

I also game on occasion with other groups, but the only regular sessions I run are with the Wyrmfang group.

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